The Snapbets app was designed to make challenging your friends as fun as possible. Below are the top ten ways to use the Snapbets app to take over the world, laugh your ass off and do some good while you’re at it.

Snapbets Kiss

10: Convince someone to give you a kiss

Create a Snapbet called ‘Get a kiss’. Next, approach your victim and let them know that your buddy, etc., bet you to get a kiss from ‘you’. Snap a pic or video and try not to obsessively watch it on repeat — that time can be much better spent plotting your next one.

Snapbets Beer

9: Get someone to do something for you

Try making a Snapbet called ‘Help me move’ or ‘Bring me a beer’ and then invite all your friends. If friends show up you’ve already won.  And of course the response with the most up votes also wins whatever you set as the prize.


Bet your friends to buy or bring you a beer and you might get free cold ones all summer.

Break the Ice

8: Break the ice

Having an excuse to buy that guy / girl a drink has never been easier. Plus if your pickup fails you can always blame the app and not the 6 shots you just downed.

Snapbets Comfort Zone

7: Leave your comfort zone

Now is your opportunity to challenge your friends to leave their comfort zones to do hilarious stunts, play pranks and get the girl (or guy). Whatever the challenge, you’ll have picture or video evidence of it all. With Snapbets there’s never been a more socially acceptable reason to leave your comfort zone.

Snapbets Product Pitch

6: Pitch your product to the world!

Have a new company or product that you want to sell? Create a Snapbets challenge to get people to check it out. If you give away a big prize or show it off in a unique way you’ll not only get a bunch of new customers, but you’ll also have pictures and videos of people buying or checking out your products to share on Facebook and Twitter.

Snapbets Viral Video

5: Go viral

Instantly share your Snapbets challenges or responses on Facebook or Twitter. We find that the bigger the prize, the bigger the crowd.

Snapbets Ice Bucket Challenge

4: Create a global challenge

Want to start the next ‘Ice Bucket Challenge‘? Invite your friends, invite the world — anyone can enter public Snapbets challenges which means you could be the next creator of something big. The opportunities are endless.

Snapbets Charity

3. Help a charity

Did you grow the longest moustache for Movember? Show it off and raise awareness for the things that matter most to you in the Snapbets app.

Snapbets United

2. Stand united

Show the world what you stand for. Show support for something important to you by standing united through the Snapbets app and find amazing ways to come together over world issues and events.

Snapbets App Launch

1. Create and join your favourite challenges on the Snapbets app

Of course, the number one way to use the Snapbets app is to do whatever you want! Have fun, be bold and most importantly, leave your comfort zone!