Bet Your Friends and Let the World Pick the Winner.

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Close Up Features

Snapbets provides a fast and fun way for you to bet your friends. Create a bet, challenge your friends and see who gets the most votes to win the bet!

  • Feed

    The challenges never stop with the Snapbets Feed page. See the latest Snapbets posted by other Snapbet users.

  • My Bets

    Create challenges to send to your Snapbets friends. When the bet expires the user with the most votes wins the challenge. Will you be the winner?

  • Trending

    See what's trending and join any public Snapbets challenges. Or, vote on your favourites!

  • Leaders

    Think you got what it takes to be a Snapbets Leader? Post your best Snapbets to win challenges and earn points for the leaders board.

Key Features

Inside the Snapbets app

iOS and Android

Snapbets is optimized for all iOS and Android devices.

Public and Private Bets

Create public bets so that anyone can join or make private bets between Snapbets friends.


Share your favourite Snapbets and responses on Facebook and Twitter to promote your challenges and get more votes.


Join Snapbets challenges and snap a picture or take a video of your response.

Snapbets Challenges

Create a challenge (we call this a Snapbet) to send to all your friends.


Add Snapbets friends from your Facebook friends list or become friends with other Snapbetters.

Snapbets App

Snapbets was created by a group of people who wanted to find a way to make betting friends simpler.

Voila! Picture and video social betting was born.

What is social betting? Social bets are bets that your friends and others participate in around the globe. Picture and video social betting (what we call Snapbets) are bets or challenges that you and your friends create and join that'll make you laugh with (and at) your friends.

How do you win a Snapbet?

  • Snap a picture or take a video of your response
  • The response with the most votes wins!


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